Productivity Mastery

Introductory Online Event (FREE)

How to be more productive, save up to 40 minutes a day (that you can then use as you want to), live a more balanced life, have less unnecessary stress and take back control of your day and your life.

In a nutshell, how to live an even more productive, happy and fulfilling life - WITHOUT having to spend hours and hours reading a ton of self-help books, having to understand yet another productivity app or wasting time in traffic to get to a workshop...

How to get your "right things" done - easier, faster, better.

Thanks for your visit - much appreciated.

I know your time is valuable, so I'll get right to the point.

Gerrit Cloete (that's me) will be hosting a free webinar to share a summary of the responses of close to 200 people to the question:

"What is your ONE question about improving productivity, having more control over things and leading a balanced life?"

Some of the responses might surprise you - and help you!

You will also see how I grouped these questions together into meaningful categories of practical and usable habits of thinking and doing. Each category is underpinned by one or two productivity principles that I know from experience will bring you the results you want - if you choose to implement them!

There will also be ample opportunity to ask your questions and have them answered in real time.

With your permission, I will introduce you to my new Productivity Mastery Programme - designed to help people make their lives just that little bit easier. It is based on the results of my survey and my experience of working with more than 15 000 people in more than 300 companies in 7 countries.

This programme has been designed with busy professionals in mind - people who are already successful, and want to enjoy a more productive, happier and fulfilling life.

It goes well beyond "informing". It is all about integrating and performing and transforming the way in which you approach and execute your everyday work and all other areas of your life so that you can have the lifestyle you deserve.

In this programme you learn in real time with like-minded people, and you have the opportunity to share your experience and wisdom.

Enough said, let's meet again on the webinar!

Date: Tuesday 28 August 2018

Time: 11:15-12:00

There will be more than enough time to ask questions!


1. To let you share in the challenges people face about improving their productivity - yours might be similar.

2. To share solutions to address these challenges with you - you may just learn something that will make your life a little easier.

3. To introduce you to the Productivity Mastery Programme that I designed with the sole purpose of exactly meeting the needs of people who want to live a moe productive, happier and filfilling life.

If you cannot make the date, register anyway and I will make sure you get the link to the recording.

See you there!